We Never Wanted Him Here

zine, map 

“We Never Wanted Him Here” is a map zine that gives a brief history of protests, takedowns, and counter-proposals to the commemoration of Christopher Columbus in the United States.

Christopher Columbus infamously dominates our US history and cultural identity. The figure of Columbus is glamorized as a hero, cultural icon, and the great discoverer of America across textbooks, memorials, place names and more. In contestation to his mythical valor, nation-wide protests for racial, indigenous, and LGBTQ+ justice have accelerated dialogue about who gets celebrated, and whose histories become immortalized in American’s built-environment. Emerging from our research into the heritage landscape, this zine uplifts a lesser known narrative of resistance and counter-memory.

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Written with:
Hua Xi, Elizabeth Borneman, Catherine D'Ignazio

This project was produced at the Data + Feminism Lab at MIT. Photos by Hua Xi.